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Most recent shader instead of "Shader not Found" (_default) at map start

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I recently opened 0005176 because I found it annoying that whenever I open a map my shader clipboard is set to "_default", which means when I draw a brush or paste onto a brush/patch it'll have that "Shader not Found" texture. Especially because _default uses a very peculiar texture scale, so when you replace _default with a normal TDM texture the scale will be off.

I asked that DR remembers which shader was in the clipboard from the last DR session, to which @greebo asked the question:


Should this be tied to the map you're working on, or DarkRadiant as a whole?

I figured that each map should remember its own last shader, as that should make resuming work easier, i.e. trimming a facade with a particular stone texture or laying out a dirt path.

For brand new maps which never had a shader in the clipboard before, I'd see 2 options:

  • Let them use the last shader from the most recently saved map.
  • Keep using _default as the first texture in brand new maps, but change the inherent scale of _default so it can be swapped for a real texture with ease (meaning the scale of the real texture will be Natural 0.500). Personally I think this is a slightly cleaner approach so I'd prefer this one a bit.
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