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FMs that use scripted dialogues / sequences?


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22 hours ago, kingsal said:

Ive seen this happen where the AI will be alerted during a conversation but wont take action until after the conversation loop is finished. This is usually from a build up of audio alerts. If they clearly see you they’ll usually stop.

Just a heads up conversations and scripts can get pretty messy. Ive experimented with this is my current fm and its seems like any functions called directly to the ai ($guard.moveTo() for example) will happen after the conversation is done and as Dragofer mentioned you can’t always depend on a conversation being done… 

After my first mission I kind of learned to just design areas around conversations so there’s less chance of them being interrupted by the player. Making sure they start while the player has a good hiding spot, removing noisy surfaces and things the player might bump in to, and also trying to start the conversation  before the player sees the AI so they don’t accidentally shoot them with an arrow or flash bomb them. 

Not to forget the problem with doors having the property "should be closed_1", see video below, running time 19:20. Had to learn that the hard way. :(



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So with further testing, I can confidently say that there is a divergence in AI behavior when alerted by audio verses visual alerts.

Debug cvars:


Shows the underlying values used to calculate alert levels and the roles of AI in regard to search


Shows the final results of the above values along with other state details

With the showalert cvar, you can see that audio stimulus causes values to rise but the AI do not stop conversations.

With the showstate cvar, you can see that the with audio stimulus the AI stay in state "conversation" but if you make yourself

visible they go into searching state or higher.

I can see this as an intentional design choice ( audio having less impact while AI speak to each other ) but the visual alert still

breaks the conversation and thus the intended design of forcing the conversation to play regardless of alerts.

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Thank you again for testing this out. Your results seem totally fine by me. So I just have to make sure that the entrance to the room is not lit and there may be a carpet behind the door.

I am really happy that I don't need to fiddle around and just can set up the convo. I'll try this out as soon as I have the voice recorded by biker. That's awesome!

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