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Renaming "stealth score" to "stealth penalty"


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4 hours ago, wesp5 said:

I agree, that the graphical representation might require too much work, but why not add this just in text form? I like the idea and it shouldn't be too difficult to find class names...

I agree, Wesp5 :)


4 hours ago, demagogue said:

The problem is that FMs are incommensurable. A "10" would be a fantastic score for a massive FM and a terrible score for a tiny contest-sized FM. So it means somebody would have to play through all of them and personally judge the fair rate of its difficulty in a way that's equal across all FMs, and keep doing it for every new one that comes out. That's a bit unreasonable.

What if each fan mission author could specify their own class-ranking values for their mission? A table that lets them manually specify the stealth score-to-career ranking relationships for their map? As well, over time, as more people play their mission, they could fine-tune that table based on player feedback; if there's a trend of people being outraged by carefully playing the hard or long map and getting "Clumsy Safe-cracker" for their ranking instead of, say, a "Nimble Boxman"

PS: I propose any art that accompanies the class characterizations should have a shadow over the face of the character so we can't see what their face looks like.

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10 hours ago, Darkness_Falls said:

Similarly, for The Dark Mod, I think having ~20 classifications would be great


Only 20 different words for thief or burglar? I can already see a long conversation about semantic ranges of subsequent words... :D

If you really want to communicate an idea to an audience, it has to be elegant and simple, at least on the high level. And, if you want to avoid mistakes of other games, you'd want to focus on positive experience and encouragement, rather than punishment (Hitman: Absolution's negative points vs. Hitman 2016). So that Pirates! naming system is bad too – no one wants to be a beggar.

For example, if player fulfills all main objectives without being spotted (suspicions are okay), they could get a Master Thief rank, similar to Silent Assassin title in Hitman. Ghost would be awarded for a perfect stealth score. Additional titles could be added for stuff like killing NPCs (anything from Thug for killing 1-2 NPC to something like Instrument of Chaos for killing all NPCs in the map) or getting loot (75% could result in a Thorough rank, 95% would probably deserve a Kleptomaniac). I wouldn't go for more than 4 names per category, so the whole thing is fairly clear and fun to have.

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English is not my first language, nevertheless I'll give it a go:


(~Quantity of smth)

 ---> "Liability: 0"

---> "Faults: 0"

---> "Oversights: 0"

---> "Alert escalation:0"


(Level of....), or simply as listed below as a single word

---> "Escalation: 0"

---> "Disruption:0"

---> "Disturbance: 0"

---> "Annoyance:0"

---> "Negligence:0"

---> "Sloppiness:0



Stealth score really is a weird one but it's oddly challenging to find something better.

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  • 1 month later...

The entire score system would be fixed simply by appending a negative in front of the score.

Like Golf, less is more and it immediately gets visually communicated.

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I like to record difficult stealth games, and right now you wonderful people are the only ones delivering on that front.

Click here for the crappy channel where that happens.

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On first blush that could be a good idea, and maybe even calling "0" some variation of "Perfect" or "0 (Perfect)". It'd be good to look at a mock up of different options to think & talk about it. For some reason I can't easily find a screenshot just now and I forget how much room we have there.

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What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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