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Cathedral Statues

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Just started on a statue of an angel, slightly stylized, and I'll detail it in ZBrush when the main mesh is complete.


Anyway, I modeled the whole thing with patches/subD surfaces, and I'm pretty proud of myself as this is my first truly organicish model, and I didn't use any picture or tutorial references on proportion, so I think I did alright and I JUST WANTED TO SHOW SOMETHING OFF OKAY??? :D





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Don't criticise my edgeflow or other shit like that, although I think it's pretty good for a first humanoid model. And those things are for wings, btw, not demented arms.


And I shied away from modeling genetalia, although as you can see it has a great arse.

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have you tried the zspheres in zbrush ?... i love em to bits, you can make humanoid shapes in seconds with the symmetry turned on and the mesh subdivides really well. one thing I have noticed when modeling outside zbrush and then importing is zbrush loves nice even quads evenly distributed ...personally I find this a bit difficult when you want to add extra edge loops for detail so lately I have been using the zspheres. ...anyhow its looking a lot better than my first attempt, keep us posted of how you get on in zbrush :D

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