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11 hours ago, Anderson said:

I think the best example is Operation Flashpoint, ArmA body animations. Both in third person and in first person they are very clunky. AFAIK it's still clunky in ArmA 3 despite working on a new engine. Try climbing a ladder in those games and then returning to shooting in Close Quarter Combat.

Same applies to Thief Deadly Shadows. I liked the body awareness but it was buggy and ladder climbing, mantling, jumping sometimes glitched out.

Original Thief 1, 2, System Shock 2 had more fluid controls.

True, but, that's not really down to the body awareness.

Take a look at the first Hidden & Dangerous, for example. That's clunky even in first person, simply because the animations and controls are clunky. It doesn't have to be like that. Same with the first two Gothics. If you play Risen 2 or 3 by the same developer, it's a lot less clunky, and feels very fluid.

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14 hours ago, AluminumHaste said:

having to wait for your body animations to complete before you could do certain things is always bad.

This is why I hate hate hated the 2014 Thief reboot. Among other reasons. So much jank, pointless excessive head bob, and slow tai chi animations you had to sit through.

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