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Feedback on my first mission.


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Hey Davy, welcome to the community! So I did a super quick run through of your map and its got a pretty solid layout overall. I'm sure you already know that you need a briefing, AI, readables, decorations, and all that jazz, but the layout seems like it would make for a great small mission.  A couple things: You should add some detail to the courtyard where the player starts, either a fountain, a statue, a tree. whatever, just to give that area some flair so its not just a plain flat square. Also consider using patches to make small bumps and hills in the elevation so the grass is not just FLAT.  Secondly, you should definitely add more visportals, as there were several long hallways and corners that were devoid of them. Don't be afraid to be generous with em. Third, since this is a chapel, consider making a secret crypt the player can explore. And of course, you'll need a skybox (there is just a black sky) and more lights. Overall, this seems like a great start and it looks like you can start focusing on the detail work and atmosphere; consider giving rooms baseboards, wainscoatings, etc.

 Here is the link to a couple pictures with some suggestions: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZKq7Le7FFIYK5Ibsdl100Tng7VPvPGQB?usp=sharing

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Hello and welcome! It's a good start, with a mostly logical layout and a lot of potential. Obviously things like loot, AIs, readables etc aren't in there yet since it's still a very early iteration.

To add to what Amadeus said, I just have a couple of little comments


  • currently the layout is a little bit "boxy". Don't be afraid to put some curved, diagonally oriented, or even slanting walls in there
  • One of the upstairs bathrooms has an openable window and an awning over the window. The support struts on the awning don't reach all the way to the wall

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