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Weapon Riggin Tutorials?


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Hi folks, I am just getting into idTech 4 and I am messing around just trying to get a weapon rigged up and loaded in the game. I have something kinda working where I just got a basic texture rectangle, there is one armature and I exported to md5, I finally have it show up in the game. However, the rectangle is just in the middle of the screen and I basically see the back of it, the square. I am trying to figure out how to set it up in Blender or what not and rig it, so lets say it shows up bottom left. I tried dark wiki and there is talk about animating npcs and such, but I cant find anything on how to rig up weapon.

I am not modding TDM itself, I am just using the open source idTech release and going from there. I have no character mode, but I dont think thats needed for just rigging the weapon to show up somewhere else on screen. So was wondering if there are any guidance/tutorials around. I am using: https://sourceforge.net/p/blenderbitsbobs/wiki/MD5%20exporter/ , to export from Blender 2.79

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Custom weapon modelling isn't often seen in TDM, so you may be out of luck unless whoever originally made TDM's weapon models is around.  The most recent custom weapon model work I know of is by @MirceaKitsune here, so maybe he knows something useful. And I can't find it now, but someone - this says it was @Obsttorte - demo'd a player pistol once.

If you're not aware of it already, here's another possible place to ask: http://idtechforums.fuzzylogicinc.com/

Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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Yep, Spring once handed me a version of the sword arm without the sword, so I can basically attach all kinds of weapons to it. helloween.zip

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I'll confess that me and Epifire discussed a project to include more usable one-handed sword types and prop melee weapons in TDM, based on historical specimens. From what Epifire showed me and explained to me, rigging usable weapons by swapping the sword for them is certainly possible.

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