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Prey 2017 why wobbly legs? [and general comments]

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I was about ready to give up the game after several hours on and off trying to get into the reactor room and part of that time fighting the technopath in waterprocessing. I hardly made any impression on it. Wasted all my bullets and emp and it health meter barely went down a fifth before I died.

Found the main cause of my troubles is that the difficulty level was somehow two levels higher than I chose. I know I chose the easiest level very carefully. I've seen this before in one game where having chosen the difficulty level early in the start process, it defaults to normal before launching. (although that might have been because some games expect a confirm on exit while others you just exit.) Another possibility I tested just now is that on the Playstation the left joypad is used to move up and down the option menus and as you do so, the tiniest side pressure changes a setting as you pass over it to reach another. I recall setting subtitles on the same page and changing it later.

Now I've changed the setting down I defeated the technopath reasonably easily. (still used most of my ammo and all my emp though.) If I'd played on easy from the start then likely I'd have accumulated more ammo and medkits by now instead of barely scraping by from monster to monster. I mean, one single enemy and I'm left with almost nothing is ridiculous. I went all the way back to cargo bay to recycle and the nightmare turned up again!

I still think the difficulty I experienced was too hard to be called 'normal'. I'd call it hard most of the time, very hard here and there, and impossible in places without enough supplies. I mean, give me 50 medkits and a 100 shotgun shells and I'd have been okay and had fun. As it is, I pick up single rounds or maybe 2 or 3 at a time! What use is that?

Will I survive the reactor room with almost nothing? Dunno.... :(

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Just occurred to me that because nothing respawns and one is continuously using up resources, what happens when they all run out? I mean, currently the game is fueled entirely by progressing through the space station, consuming everything. What happens after the last banana peel has been recycled and the last bullet fired? In fact, if I'd been wasteful, I'd have nothing already and it would be literally impossible to continue. I've always been on the edge of failure as it is.

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Just finished in 97 hours, Perdition ending. Couldn't choose the other ending even if I'd wanted to because there was no objective marker anywhere that I could find so basically I had to find something 'somewhere' on the entire space station! I didn't even bother. The only clue was 'atop a tower near a scary thing' which meant nothing to me. Overall I found it outstanding, despite the frustrations, and I may well play through again, especially since I didn't complete hardly any of the optional missions. (I mean, why would I want to decrypt a message which has no meaning for me? Why would I want to save anyone temporarily when it would only delay me killing everyone?

Story plot was good but the storytelling was weak. Storytelling is how well a story is conveyed to the reader/player and includes emotional depth and immersion. 

Here are some rough personal % scores to compare it with other games I've played recently:

PREY %   LAST OF US(1) %      FALLOUT 4  %
    90                   90                              90           Story Plot
    70                   95                              90           Storytelling (emotion, immersion, clarity)
    90                   85                              95           Gameplay
    90                   90                              99           Value (one play only)
    50? 80?         20?  40?                   99           Replaying value ...  ?=future?
    95                   95                              95          Originality (to me)
    95                   85                              85          Stealth
    95                   20                              66          Climbing
    85                   66                              95          Combat enjoyment
    70                   10                              99          Freedom/Open-world/Choices
    30                   30                              90          Player game management*

*Player game management is non-gameplay stuff like game-saving, maps, inventory handling, trading/transfer menus, sub-game puzzles like hacking & lock-picking - all the little things that can be so frustrating if done badly. Hacking is fine in Fallout 4 but dreadful in Prey (only tried briefly then gave up in disgust and recovered my neuromod.) I note that lock-picking is not a sub-game in Dark Mod but part of the gameplay.

Prey also scores for zero gravity and spacewalking which was really well done.

Fallout 4 scores for in-game construction (though flawed.)

Last of Us scores for best drama.



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Admittedly I haven't tried it yet for a second time, but I would tend to rate Prey quite highly for replay value because you can play the game in a different way (e.g. using more human skills vs more Typhon skills etc). There are also different objective choices you can make but if you didn't find the story that engaging maybe this aspect won't be of interest to you.

I've heard that if you do another playthrough there is an area you can go to where you get back all of the neuromods you accumulated during the first run, so you can hit the ground running with upgrades.

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