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I'm surprised there's no existing thread for this game. I've not progressed far yet (a few hours) but most of my time has been spent sneaking. There have been only a few places where I had to shoot to survive - though that might be because I missed a stealthy way round mech crawlers and flying drones etc. I finally reached a section where there are really humanoid terminators and currently these are unkillable so you HAVE to use stealth. The game reminds you more than once that a shotgun blast might temporarily stun them (for how long I dunno as I never tried) but otherwise you need to creep.

The game is first person and I just found a way to 'holster' my gun which had become annoying when you had to walk around all the time with a thumping great weapon right in front. The way is to set no weapons on the weapon wheel selector. When you need a gun, hit the key that lets you set it (the game pauses so no frantic hurry) and just set the single one you want. With practice that only takes three quick clicks and you're armed. But if you're playing stealthy that is not needed very often anyway.

Crouch is REAL low! Behind an average family car I noticed my eyeline was slightly below the top of the tyres! That is a crawl!

Level design often has feeble 'rubble corridors' but there have been some decent wider, open areas. No climbing sadly, only the 'ministry of silly jumps' but I manage to get on top of a couple of crates and find a broken window out of which to lob an explosive to blow up a quest item. I was quite pleased with that because I was sure it wasn't contrived by the developer.

Hacking is horrible - much like Prey with having to quick side step threw the moving lines on the monitor display. Maybe you'll like it but I hate QTE or quick reflex subgames. You take a hit each time you fail and I had to use quite a few medikits (and that was on 'very easy'!) I shall only do those on criticals in future as it's not worth the hassle just to open a chest to get a few scrap parts. Fallout 4 is much better where you have to work out an actual password not play a ruddy Frogger game.

Lockpicking is tolerable and similar to Fallout 4 and others like that.

There are chapter saves, checkpoint saves, and occasionally manual game save points. Not perfect but better than games with only checkpoints.

Enjoying it so far.

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I have it on my wish list as it seemed stealthy from what I read and it's great to read that this is the case. Not sure how it did saleswise but it seems that it has gone quite under the radar. I have to upgrade my potato first before I can play this. I already had to wait about 5-10 minutes before a level in Prey was loaded and afterwards the occassional stuttering and freezing, which I only endured because I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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