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I was feeling nostalgic and remembered that as a kid, I had a copy of the first Halo game as a Novel "Combat Evolved", and my school had the two Doom 3 novels in the library. I thus wanted to know, what games would you have loved to have been made into novels? For me, Thief 1 through 3 for sure, with Half Life and Duke Nukem/Serious Sam as well, but also I would have loved a book about some mods as their own stories as well, like They Hunger.

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I don't know if you knew, but there is a novel by our @Moonbo accompanying his two FMs. It is definitely enjoyable! 🙂



I once had a novel for the Hitman series (maybe 15 years ago) because I was a huge fan of the old games, back in the day. I never finished that book, 'though. I just am not that much into reading, while there's tons of games waiting to be played. :D

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If you like halo read ringworld it was pretty much based on that ;)

larry niven also made a whole ballpark of novels and quite a few (bricks or big books) in the same universe, they are all quite good and some of them are even excellent.

His ringworld was massive though compared to the halo rings it would make the halo builders look like children as it had the same size as earth travelled around the sun which is freaking huge. Also the aliens where quite different like two headed centaur style with one hindleg and heads that resembled sock puppets which also gained them there name "puppeters".

Besides great man eating kats with batwing ears "kzin" and blind nightmarish looking but else quite nice people called the ktadlyno, we also get some ancient race (older than the universe) living directly in space with a body temperature that is close to that of frozen helium who buy and sell technology and knowledge, and many others.

The protagonist is not a cyborg but the son of one of earths most intelligents men and quite old himself (not that it matters since at the time this happens we are more or less immortal anyway), who gets wrapped up in some scheme by the puppeters and has quite the adventure.

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dead space also had one novel, which happens several hundred years before the ishimura and depicts the unitology story and how altman came to be the symbol of it (spoiler he did not do it villingly).   And several short stories in comic format which depicts the stories of some of the people isaac meets in the game like ellie langford and john carver.

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