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No Google trackers in Vivaldi. The devs remove all the problematic APIs (like FloC, IdleAPI and others.) regarding the Chromium base and leave only some to the user's choice in the configuration, because some use Google services, which without these APIs do not work.
It is clear that there is no 100% privacy at the moment when you are online, not even using VPN and TOR, but if the browser can sufficiently mitigate the exposure,, this depends mainly on the ethics of the company and naturally on the user and the search engine he use.
Everything else is to put on a foil cap.
Vivaldi is by the way the only active browser company in the campaigns against the tracking systems of the big monopolies, among others, Googles.




Regarding Brave, I know that they have removed this practice currently, after multiple protests from users.
But nevertheless it shows already in the attempt that the ethics regarding the user do not matter as much to them as their own income, this in any case casts doubt on the reliability of this company.

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Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

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12 hours ago, Jetrell said:

It seems like I should get a VPN. Are there any good, free VPNs?

Yes, but keep in mind that a free VPN is always limited in its features, servers cost money. Apart from this most free VPNs, apart from a few exceptions, log user activity or/and use the user's own bandwidth instead of a public server.
The two that I know of that are reliable and safe are:
Proton VPN free (made by científics of CERN), which has no monthly data/bandwidth limit, no logging,  military-grade encryption, and offers decent speeds. The only limitations are that it only has 127 servers in three countries and only supports use on one device (PC or Mobile) (see pricing list if you want more)
The other is Windscribe, similar in performance, but only allows 10Gb/monthly.


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Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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As @Zerg Rushsays, "good" and "free" are not a happy combination for VPNs.

I used ProtonVPN Free for a while, but it took months to get off the waiting list and given an account, the performance was terrible, and any kind of file sharing (e.g. BitTorrent) was completely blocked.

I now have the basic package for $5/month, which I consider extremely good value even though I don't use it all that frequently. You have a big choice of servers with good performance, and some of those servers support BitTorrent (I use the ones in Iceland).

Be aware that most VPNs don't support IPv6, so if you have an IPv6-enabled ISP, your IP address can "leak" even while the VPN is active. Some VPN software (including ProtonVPN) will therefore include an IPv6 "kill switch" to prevent this from happening, but you should always check it's working by going to a "What's my IP address" site and ensure that no IPv6 address is visible.

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Be aware also from VPN as browser extension, or which works as browser feature, like in Brave, UR or worst, Opera VPN, because tcreate a secure tunnel, the VPN must connect before the browser, not possible when it works from the Browser, which necessary connect first to the ISP, and not from Desktop. Apart, the Opera VPN isn't such, its a simple proxie in Operas own servers, which above log the user activity (privacy in Chinese isn't part of the vocabulary)

Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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