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missions have gone invisible

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Recently downloaded the dark mod, latest version, I played snowed Inn and the tired to play the painter's wife, it crashed my laptop 3 times trying to run it, so i gave up trying to play it and downloaded some other missions, first I noticed the painters wife wouldn't uninstall and i couldn't install a new mission, so i redownloaded the entire dark mod, to refresh it as i decided the problem with the painters wife caused an issue and this would have been the fastest way to fix it, however, now no missions are displayed not even the training missions that come with the download, and when I download new missions it connects downloads them, they visible in the fan mission files, however nothing in the in game mission menu, however when I click in the blank spaces, the file size comes up, and the option to install the mission, but no name is visible, when the game installs the mission and restarts, its back to the same again, saying no mission is installed and the files are all still invisible. what's going on, this only happened after I tried to play the painters wife. Windows version

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please set your folder permissions. 

for more information, the techsupport forum and read wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation

and see also your own topic:


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