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Weapon models disappear

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This seems to have been happening since the first time i played The Dark Mod. Basically after playing for a while I notice that weapon models are completely invisible, the only things that are visible are arrows and sure, i can aim good enough even if i dont see the bow, but that kinda ruins the immersion.

Moreover loading a previous save doesn't help at all. The only thing that would solve this is quitting the current mission and starting anew (just pressing restart doesnt help)

Im on 2.08 btw

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how about checking if you have all the needed files for TDM, by running the updater. 

are there any messages about this in the tdm console? 

i can vaguely remember that i have read a D3 topic about this, that is has something to do with a videocard driver. 

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On 10/13/2020 at 11:53 AM, freyk said:

How about enabling "vsync" in TDM's video settings? (source)

I tried enabling vsync but it doesn't help, also my video drivers are up to date (using AMD). I used the updater and there were 3 files missing but they appeared to be missions, not sure why it would need to download them but still no weapon models.

As for messages in the console i see nothing that could refer to weapon models, only some warnings about some sounds that can't be loaded


Edit: oh my god nevermind, just found out that keeping the console open for a few seconds fixes the problem

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Solved my problem
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