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in Linux 'sudo make uninstall' doesn't unisntall all darkradiant folders

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after typing in the Darkradiant cloned repository folder: sudo make uninstall, and after a uninstall process, there is still the following folders left in the system:









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Makefiles are not package managers. I guess the developers of Autotools added a "make uninstall" target for convenience (so you can uninstall the existing build, then run "make install" to install the latest build), but this behaviour is not within our control and not something we are likely to spend time trying to support.

With regard to the ~/.config/darkradiant and ~/.cache/darkradiant directories it would be inappropriate and impractical for an installer to touch these, since they are user-specific directories not system-wide installation directories. Users are unlikely to want to trash their user preferences when they uninstall a particular version of DarkRadiant (particularly if they are about to install a new version afterwards), and application installers are not generally expected to delete stuff from user home directories.

If you want a DarkRadiant installation that you can easily uninstall, I suggest you either (1) build a proper package using your package manager of choice, or (2) install to a self-contained directory (e.g. ./configure --prefix=/opt/darkradiant-2.09) which you can then easily delete with a single command.

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