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I would like to carefully place this here.

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So far, it goes in to the right direction, besides the charspeed - it is way to speedy for me - on the latest speed dot it's like beeing the Flash :D But other than that, i would like to recommend you you work on this and give future updates and release it on Steam or something. 

Will there be a FOV slider? Didn't notice any slider.

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If i am shamelessly advertising my project here then please let me know! I would like to drop you a video of my 11 months project. You can of course do what ever you want but please keep in min

I made more, try with headphones!    

I decided to post a video today where i show alot of the things i have worked on these past 2 months. Its a major spoiler video.    

Those zombies with one eye only are already very scary. One of these fellows lies in front of a gate and I woke him up by accident during my first run. Almost got an heart attack.

They remind me of some other game...maybe "Soma"?



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I've made a basic article about your Delight project over at the Thief Wiki (under the category of Thief-inspired freeware indie games).

As part of the promotion, I've been thinking of uploading the screenshots you have of the demo to the wiki and including them in the article. But I wanted to ask about it first. Would you be all right with sharing those demo screenshots on the wiki, or rather not ?


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On 4/12/2021 at 6:15 PM, Filizitas said:

I will update this game in the 14th of april, it would be great if you could use that highly enhanced superior version!

Can you link the wiki?

All right, I'll wait until the 14th and see what you cook up. :)

The article is here. Aside from the three videos, it's largelly just headings, text and a few links, since I have not yet added the screenshots.

Good luck with the upcoming update.

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7 hours ago, Filizitas said:

Oh that looks sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

My pleasure. Always good to give indie projects like this a bit of exposure. :)

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5 hours ago, Filizitas said:

Ok here you go, the game also had a name change due to legal reasons i want to avoid.



Thank you. I've noticed the name change. The promo screenshots have been uploaded to the wiki and the article, but only the latest screenshots, with the already altered name. (Sorry to hear you had to change it due to legal issues, but hey, you're inventive, and that's what counts. I like it.)

I suppose it's time I change the name in all the other instances as well. I doubt you'll be going back to the first iteration of the name, so I'll edit the stuff and add a note that Delight was merely a working title. :)

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I need to follow this up as i was made aware of some stupid bugs.

- The intro cinematic was missing, that should be fixed now.
- You couldnt kill enemies on any difficulty, i hope that was fixed aswell.

After watching a video of a youtuber i decided finally that i have to spend some quality time with the AI.
Its behaving very irrational at times and needs to be expanded feature wise.

The link for the Hotfix is here!

LINK: https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth

Can we have more scary Zombie Horror maps?

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