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Linux DR doesn't display the key shortcuts in the menus.

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I think this might be a GTK theming issue. Clicking around through various core GNOME apps (I tried Files, Disks, Videos, Terminal and gEdit) I see no menus with shortcuts listed. All the apps have moved to the new "header bar" style where you don't actually have the regular File/Edit menu bar, just various buttons and a "Menu" button which brings down a speech bubble-style menu which does not contain any shortcuts.

If this is implemented at the GTK 3 level rather than with GNOME-specific code, then I guess it applies to wxWidgets too which uses GTK 3 as a backend. In which case, I'm not sure there is anything we can do in the DR code to fix it, but you might be able to solve it by changing to a different GUI theme.

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25 minutes ago, 7318 said:

changing the theme with gnome-tweaks from yaru-dark to adwaita (the dafault for ubuntu) didn't bear any change related to shortcuts being present, it might not be related to the theme of GTK?

Maybe not, it was just a guess after all. Nevertheless, I don't know how to change this. I cannot find anything in the wxWidgets documentation relating to the visibility of shortcuts in menus, nor can I find any discussion of this issue.

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