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Moment of silence for Jeremy Bulloch.

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Jeremy Bulloch was the man behind the mask (helmet, rather) who played Boba Fett in the oringinal Star Wars trilogy. He died yesterday of Parkinson’s. He was not only a fan favorite, but his booth routinely held the biggest lines for autographs in the festival circuit until he retired. 
I’ve been a member of many a forum over the years, and once upon a time I endeavored to make a 100% screen accurate Fett costume; The Dented Helmet was there to help and along the way I made many a friend who not only shared my passion for SW but creativity in building something tangible. 
I never met the man personally, but he has been a hero of mine for more years of my life than he has not been. 
First Dave Prowse, now JB 😢


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As my father used to say, "A grenade a day, keeps the enemy at bay!"

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On 12/18/2020 at 8:09 AM, Jedi_Wannabe said:


Mandalore watch over you.

Sorry to hear that.

On a different note: The character in the new TV show "Mandalorian" is a different person (storywise) using the same gear that's somehow "mandatory" for a bounty hunter in the SW universe?

Wouldn't say that I am Star Wars fan - but a TV show with Giancarlo Esposito, Carl Weathers and Werner Herzog (I never had doubts that the dubious business guys in the SW universe are speaking fluent English with Bavarian accent) - that's something  I would like to watch! :)

P.S. ...provided it eventually gets released on BluRay...


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1 hour ago, JackFarmer said:

using the same gear that's somehow "mandatory" for a bounty hunter in the SW universe?

Certainly not mandatory for bounty hunters, but he's a Mandalorian (Boba Fett also was) and it's the signature armor of their people.

The TV show is good and so is the acting, but it does suffer from lazy writing sometimes. Like a character does something and you're like that doesn't make sense at all, but then something happens a little bit later which explains why the character did that totally unlogical thing. There are also some moments where a few people take down a whole army but then at a later moment they can't fight a handful of the same soldiers. If you don't really mind those things, then it's certainly an enjoyable show.

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In the meantime, I had the chance to watch both seasons.

I gotta say: I really like it. (and I do not consider myself a SW fan)

Somehow it looks like it has been shot in the 80ies but using CGI from 2020, that makes it even cooler.

@CarnageYou were right, some of the fighting scenes are not credible.

What really impressed me was the following:

In the second season, a former storm trooper finally has a say.

In a certain scene he talks to a former superior about the atrocities of war. It is immediately clear what the veteran wants to say, but his former superior has a very simple answer: "They were just civilians and it's about the bigger picture" (or something like that) ...

What happens after that conversation, doesn't really matter,  but I was very impressed that the series shows a former storm trooper who is suffering. As far as I recall, that was never a topic in the movies.


P.S. @SpringheelHave you watched the  TV show?


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