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Rodin's Eve statue

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Nice work! I've gone ahead and setup the files in the structure TDM needs for game assets, dubbing the model "statue_eve".

I've attached the file as a .pk4, which is a renamed .zip. You can simply place the .pk4 into your TDM install, then to look at it ingame start TDM, open the console with ctrl + alt + tilde (button left of 1) and enter: map test

It looks like there are still some issues:

  • ideally, each .ase model would contain both the visual mesh and a lower poly shadowmesh.
    • The visual mesh should have a material called tdm_statue_eve while the shadowmesh should have a material called textures/common/shadow.
    • it'd be good if the shadowmesh became less detailed with distance, too. No need for a 2k shadowmesh at a long distance, imo.
    • an extra very low detail mesh would be great, wouldnt need to cast shadows anymore, or just a very crude shadowmesh.
    • the main model is in models/darkmod/decorative/statues, the LOD stages are in models/darkmod/misc/lod/...
  • for the texture files: the texture doesn't show up properly yet, so it'd be good if you could check that you've exported the files as described below:
    • statue_eve_d.dds: the diffusemap (corresponds to your colourmaps, I believe), exported as DDS with DXT1 compression. Found in the dds/... folder.
    • statue_eve_n.tga: the normalmap, exported as TGA without RLE compression. Found in the models/darkmod/props/textures folder
    • statue_eve_s.dds: the specularmap, I believe with DXT1 compression. Found in the dds/... folder.
    • statue_eve_ed.jpg: the editor image, should be a low-res version of the diffusemap i.e. 512x512. Found in the models/darkmod/props/textures folder.

This wiki page may be interesting for further reference if needed.

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Here's an even lower-poly version, for distant shadow-casting.  I quickly threw it into MeshLab and didn't tidy it up after, but I figure it's only for shadows and hopefully would be fine.  Again, sorry for not making it 100% compatible with idTech4 outright.  Maybe when I get back to my own country and settle in, I'd have another look at it.


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