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Which game would you like to erase from your brain, just to experience it once again completely anew, and why?

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As the title says! I am just curious. The answer doesn't necessarily have to be your all-time favorite game, because I would argue that some games even get better after the first playthrough. Obviously, all answers without major spoilers, please.

So for me, it would be the Outer Wilds and the Splinter Cell Series.

Outer Wilds, because it is an unbelievable intense experience to explore the physically simulated cold outer space and unravel the secret about that innovative 22-minute supernova timeloop that leads to some very interesting gameplay ideas. Sadly, it will never be the same as in the first playthrough, so this ist definitely my 1st place in this category. I learned about this game on this very forum and after Marc Brown (Game Maker's Toolkit) explained in one of his videos how this game works, I just tried it eventhough I thought that these types of games were not my cup of tea.

And I say the Splinter Cell series, because there is just nothing like it and I am hungry for techy espionage stealth thrillers. 🙂 

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i often spoil myself on game stories, not always intentionally either, so one game that's 90% story i'd like to go through fresh again is VA-11 Hall-A. i still get a lot of enjoyment and emotion out of it on replays for sure, but it would be nice to not have known the slight turns it takes further in. some other game stories i'd wanna redo unspoiled would be NieR and the Trails in the Sky trilogy.

for gameplay, Call of Juarez Gunslinger comes to mind. i had picked it up on a whim from pure curiosity and was incredibly pleased by it. very fun and quick shooter that still has a simple skill tree for some sense of progression. one time i had actually tried started a clean new game only to find it still saved all the secrets i had found, which gave me a dozen or so skill points to immediately spend anyway. i'd really love to have the proper first experience again, especially if i had played it after the other CoJ games this time. it's such a step up.

another would be Blood, or rather, the Death Wish mod. while i think having experience with the base game was vital for my amazing time with it, i'd overall still put it higher than my first time with Blood itself. there's a lot more fun exploration and secrets that don't feel too obtuse, especially getting to the hidden levels. It was incredibly satisfying to have found every secret exit on my own in one go. enemy balance was also less punishing for a first time, with a greater focus on the spectacle of exploding dozens of undead at once, etc. Can't wait for the fourth episode for something wholly new from it.

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A few months ago, looking through my old CDs, I found again Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which I played many years ago on an old PC with Windows XP and I really liked it. Later with my next PC already with Windows 7 I had quite a few compatibility problems and had to download a patch, with what worked more bad than good.
Now with Windows 10 I tried to play it again and I had the pleasant surprise that the game worked wonderfully well, without a patch as is.
It is in my opinion a game that is worthwhile, a mixture of RPG and FPS with 4 alternative endings.

(Also ropearrows in the equipment and stealth elements in the game, nasty spiders too)

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Probably the original Deus Ex (wow what a surprise, see avatar/sig).

The good thing about the game is that it's enjoyable enough to replay on its own given the variety of playstyles as well as just finding new things here and there, plus the GMDX mod gave the game a new lease on life since so many little things were changed and improvements were made. But you can't forget the mysteries, the surprises, the twists, and I'd love to be able to experience all that from the beginning again.

A word of warning, Agent Denton. This was a simulated experience; real LAMs will not be so forgiving.

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That's a bit of a loaded question, as I have a fear of forgetting things that I liked growing up without a reminded of them somewhere. I keep a list in my phone of all the games, movies, shows, and some songs that I always loved, as I don't want to forget them when I grow old and want to share them with any potential younger family members. But if i am assured of being able to experience all related paraphernalia of the game again, I'd love to re-experience the Original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy, especially Spyro 2, as that is the one I enjoyed the most, and is how i actually learned to read from due to the subtitles appearing as the characters enunciated their words. 

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Probably Fallout 4. Really, I don't think I spent 500 plus hours in any other single player game. It's that good.

I'm currently playing Dishonored 2 again, on Xbox One S. It's great as well, but, I still know lots of stuff from my first playthrough on PC...

Deus Ex - Yeah, good candidate as well. 

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I used to think about this with enthusiasm. But then I saw the movie "Memento" (2000).

"I really perceive that vanity about which most men merely prate — the vanity of the human or temporal life. I live continually in a reverie of the future. I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active — not more happy — nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago. The result will never vary — and to suppose that it will, is to suppose that the foregone man has lived in vain — that the foregone time is but the rudiment of the future — that the myriads who have perished have not been upon equal footing with ourselves — nor are we with our posterity. I cannot agree to lose sight of man the individual, in man the mass."...

- 2 July 1844 letter to James Russell Lowell from Edgar Allan Poe.

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