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This is really nice!  If you're looking for additional ideas to expand the reference here are 2 more fairly universal areas:

  • A series of decreasing tunnel sizes down to the limit, to help with sizing of sewers or ducts.
  • The same thing, but for holes in the floor that you can fall through.  I remember once having to noclip through a passage under an altar in some FM because it was too tight to get into easily.

An interesting takeaway from this reference is that you can create a one-way gate for players by using a drop anywhere between 144 and 176 units in height.  However, the player must fall off such a drop instead of jumping if they don't want to take damage (144 + 48 > 176).

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I thought about vents, but from my experience it's typically 64x64, which is the example used at the second turn, or 48x48 (rather claustrophobic).

The falling height is tricky, yeah. I imagine you'd have to limit jumping options somehow, in order not to punish players for accidental jumping and falling down. Might work quite well with some hind of manholes. With wall height of 144, players still could climb back, if they're stubborn enough. I think 160 units is where it's safe to assume players won't be able to go back.

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