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Observations on 2.09 announcement

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Like many people I am pleased to see that 2.09 has been officially released but can I point out that the link to the tdm_installer in the announcement goes to the original, but (now) rather confusing, post by stgatilov back in July. This now contains lots of strikeouts and it also only seems to mention 32-bit Windows which I think has been deprecated for this release. In short, IMO, for any newbies coming in, it's not easy to work out what to do. 

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Ideally, the announcement should link to Downloads page on website.
The link to forum thread is unnecessary, and I guess is the result of unnecessary hurry.

As for the icon: yes, I will add it.

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About such announcements in general, I think the images they come with should have some sort of captions on where a screen comes from.

Quite often in the past, you were using Spooks' WIPs, which look awesome, but these are not released missions. I imagine it's disappointing for players to think "hey, this looks amazing, where can I download this mission" just to get the "you can't" response. IMO this is much worse case of false advertising than screenshots with multisampling we discussed on bugtracker.

The case above is a milder one, since it's a mission about to be released, but still, it's a bit misleading.

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