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Weird performance issues with linux executable (solved)

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In TDM settings I have vsync off, FPS capped at 144. When I run the native linux executable, my FPS even in the menu is all over the place from around 30 up to 60, changing constantly which results in a very choppy overall experience. Out of curiosity I tried running the Windows exe through wine and it performs just fine. It is still locked at 60 but it never goes below.

I have no idea what's going on. Why the 60 FPS lock when it should be 144 according to my settings? Why is the native executable performing so poorly?

I am running bspwm with picom compositor. I kill picom before running the game and restart it afterwards so compositor is not the issue. NVIDIA GPU with proprietary drivers.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks!

EDIT: I had the "Uncap FPS" setting set to off. Setting it to on got the game locked at 144 FPS and fixed the choppiness.

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What Linux variant?

I do not encounter this on Linux Mint.

To be clear,  you have "Uncapped FPS" set to "On" correct? ( com_fixedTic 1 )

It sounds like either your window manager or compositor are forcing vsync regardless of your game settings.

One thing you might try is telling TDM what your display refresh is: "r_displayRefresh 60"

Also, try changing to adaptive sync via "r_swapInterval -1"  ( negative one )


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