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On 5/7/2023 at 1:10 AM, lowenz said:

We can only dream of TDM engine being re-based on Doom3 BFG, though by now the differences are so big it's likely an impossible task as a whole. At least some parts though I hope can be back-ported if they still fit, their devs helped do some of the work which will hopefully help DarkMod as well!

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24 minutes ago, datiswous said:

I thought tdm already uses some features ported from Doom3 bfg.

Yes, we ported some BFG code. Both TDM and RB-DOOM3-BFG have radically changed the shader setup and render backends from vanilla (or vanilla BFG) so it may be difficult to reconcile the two. RB-DOOM3-BFG has a few things that we may be able to port without too much issue though.

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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5 hours ago, lowenz said:

Static lights are cached and not recalculated unless either the light or something in its radius move, which technically speaking acts like an internal lightmap. Conventional lightmaps I only see as being useful for bounce lighting, though proper global illumination uses voxels instead... so all in all I think that old lighting technology is better off left dead.

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Oh wow: Areas in my city I clearly remember yielding 60 FPS from some positions / angles now reach well over 80 FPS with latest dev, same quality settings just the new optimizations and defaults. While it was commonplace to get barely over 60 FPS in many zones, I barely found a spot where it now occasionally hits 69 FPS for just one frame :D

You've truly worked miracles with those optimizations. Didn't imagine even more performance could be squeezed out of the engine by software fixes alone. Haven't tested broadly but they'll be felt on every FM for sure. Thank you lots!

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Nice work! I'm getting ~10% performance improvements even on my most potato computer, which is a very significant playability boost.

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