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Looking for a mission I enjoyed a lot but can't recall it's name anymore


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Hello dear TDM community,

I started to play TDM in 2020 again and I wanted to find a mission I enjoyed a lot in 2016 I guess. I don't know much about the mission anymore, all I know is that it blew my mind.

There were somehow many in game cuts, story jumps and probably also time travel. I hope I am not wrong but there was also some snow. It was a long story tellling. The protagonist found out about the fate of some people, what happened to them, when they died etc. And I think the player jumped in time some times. I think this was all in one mission (same file). At some point I could hear a horse-drawn carriage OR a horse. But not a "in game horse". More a story telling horse in the background. I remotely remember that I had to look for some hidden "things" around a house. The story was carried by many notes I think.... hope you can help me guys. I checked all mission descriptions but can't manage to find the right mission.

As far as I remember the mission was not a big city, big manison or cathedral and there were no undead and spiders (I think).

Best regards



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I also believe that Down by the Riverside is the desired mission, although it is not completely free of ghosts (the one in the basement that guides you to the entrance to the room and the skeleton at the end of the mission)

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IT IS !! Thank you guys. That was/is the mission !!! Damn do I enjoy time shifting and good story telling with other (other than protagonist) peoples fate and life.

That reminded me of some misisons in Thief 2 where you find the remains of a couple inside a hidden chamber in the library. This also reminds me of the book The Shadow of the Wind, as well as, The Angel's Game from Carlos Ruiz Zafón.


Thank you guys :))

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