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The Late 80s through Late 90s/Early 2000's: Best Time for Culture in Recent History?

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I miss the tye-dye patterns on clothing, the Blockbuster, I miss when content on TV wasn't by a majority crap. I miss the sense of "things are good and can only go uphill" and the retro aesthetics of gaming back then. I miss when the political aisles weren't constantly at each other's throats. I remember when Burger King and KFC actually tasted good, before they started to cut costs and went downhill in a vicious cycle. I remember a quality B-Movie coming out every few months on Sy-Fy, and the air seemed cleaner, somehow, less polluted. Weather wasn't as fucked from climate change either. I know, it sounds like I'm bitching, but despite the arguably "better" graphics, games and movies seem to be getting dumber down.

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I do like culture from eighties, but later not as much. That being said nowadays totalitarian culture is even worse, of course, artistic freedom is oppressed similarly like it was done in USSR, which produces loads of 'politically correct' trash that nobody likes, except utter zombies. I'm even struggling to find good books that wouldn't be SJW/libtard propaganda garbage. In USSR we could at least use the propaganda books as kindling for fireplace, but nowadays the digital books can't be even burned, unfortunately, they just waste space on servers and waste our time.
And I know a lot of my liking towards older games is just nostalgia. Like how the older fps'es had so much more stagnant and therefor spookier environment and atmosphere, Thief included in those. 
And I do love all that 80ies retrofuturism stuff that's somewhat revived these days, not as much on mainstream, but if you search a bit. I didn't even live that long in the eighties myself and it's debatable whether the period even affected me back then.

Regarding climate - I haven't felt any differences in all my life in those continents that I roam around.
But if you dislike Earth's climate - there's always the option to go to live on Mars, Musk's a great man, that planet will become a great republic over time.

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As someone said, in the past everything was better, even the future. I don't think that a certain time was better than another in culture and art, there are always good things and also bad things, as in everything. The only thing that happens is from the past the good things remain in the memory, the bad are forgotten. This is why I never talk about things 'in my times', because I think that my times are now, keeping my 'OS' updated.

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