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Any plans to get the game on Steam ?

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Hey there,


I've been playing this game casually for some years, and I wondered if there were any plans, now or in the past, to put it on Steam ?

I'm pretty sure it would get a pretty decent amount of players, knowing how amazing the game is, especially for a free game.


I wouldn't pay personally for the price of the steam sdk, but I could participate in paying it and I'm pretty sure there are people in here that would like to have it on Steam and maybe contribute to paying the sdk if you can't afford it :)


Sorry if this has been brought up multiple times, I didn't see it looking through the forum, and I'm pretty new to it.

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I think having TDM on Steam has more of a promotional effect than a practical one. Most of the people who like Video Games have a Steam account and will see it, it is even essential to have a account for some games. I remember years ago, when I bought Portal on CD, I had to create a Steam account to activate it.

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Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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