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I'm jogging to raise money for Canadian Children's hospitals and organizations this Month

New Horizon

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Hey folks.

This Month, I have joined a running group in the Million Reasons Run.  It is collecting money for the Sick Kids Foundation which will then give that money to children's hospitals and related organizations in Canada.  

Today, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar...so your 10 dollar donation or whatever you choose to donate, will be doubled.  So yeah, I am asking for money but it's a great cause.

If you choose to donate, just use the link below and it will take you to my fundraising page!  


Thanks! :)






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  • New Horizon changed the title to I'm jogging to raise money for Canadian Children's hospitals and organizations this Month

I think someone from here donated!  I have to say, thank you so VERY much.

Just a reminder about donating today, if you donate today then that amount will be matched by a corporate sponsor of the run.  Fifty dollars will become 100 dollars!  It's a great way to make a large impact quickly.

Thanks again


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