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We have lost a member of the TDM development team


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It really is true then, I'm so sad to hear the news. Grayman was always very open to working/advising with big and strange gameplay features I was throwing around. He was skilled in his craft but never placed himself over anyone else, and struck me as a very humble man. Be it the case, I am glad to have worked with him for the time that I did. He was always great to collaborate with and was very direct with any kind of models he needed from me. His presence will most certainly be missed here.

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On 5/21/2021 at 6:41 PM, grayson said:

Hi this is Graymans son

My father was a poet, a painter, a writer, and a giant nerd. He studied nuclear physics, aerospace engineering, and AI. But all he really wanted to do was play video games. He recently lost a very long war with Cancer.

I present you my sincere condolences for your father's passing, and I wish you all a lot of courage through this very sad moments.

If it can help, I suggest you the reading of the book "The Light Beyond" by Dr Raymond Moody, the researcher that coined the term "Near-Death Experience" by studying thousands of testimonies on this subject:


The people I advice to read this book usually say they found it very helpful, I hope it will help you and your family like it did help me.





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So sad to hear these bad news :(

I didn't have much contact with him more than via some random scripting questions through the forums, but he always seemed to be a humble man that had worked with a lot of editors and games through the years.

I hope he did have a good time in his last days without pain and may he now roam the Builders House, frobbing what he can! ❤️ 

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8 minutes ago, Zerg Rush said:

I find this a wise decision, although I think it does not exclude a mission in his honor, as grayman has also done with Sir Taffsalots sword, another member who died some time ago. Mission that by the way, I played yesterday.

Oh wow, he died too? I think I briefly saw or heard about Sir Taffsalot years ago, though it was around when I first found TDM in 2014 I believe. And I actually played that FM too, the name at least I surely remember... now I understand what it was about. Hopefully it's not weird but I'd like to imagine they met where they went, and among other things discussed TDM and what they created with it while on this Earth... maybe that they'll even know where it goes from here on.

But yeah: Definitely make at least one FM in his name. Something great and of quality, definitely well deserved ❤️

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Sir Taffsalods Sword isn't a big mission, it's a good Mansion ride with a lot of guards, well done and not so easy, due that the guards and also the personal are in alert, when you rob anything in the Mansion, which make pretty difficult to get all the loot, not so for having a lot of secrets.

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Damn, I remember hearing about Sir Taffsalot's story a while ago as well and how grayman made a mission in his honour. This sucks. :(

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A word of warning, Agent Denton. This was a simulated experience; real LAMs will not be so forgiving.

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Rest in peace sir.

I am still relatively new here to this community, but I am reading people's words here. He sounds like a great man, I wish I could've been around earlier to meet him. My deepest condolences to his family, the mod team and the community here.


Edit: To honour his passing, I will download and play all of his FMs.

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May he rest in piece. Condolences to his friends and family.

He has definetely been a column for this community and the mod and a helpful and kind person throughout. I can't tell how much I have learnt from him, especially in my beginnings, and I bet I am not the only one. May he and his work be an idol for us.


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How in the hell did I miss this thread?!?!?!

Now I feel even more awful. I knew he wasn't doing well, the few times we talked about it in PMs, he seemed very resigned to whatever happened. He never complained about it, always seemed to push on with his projects.

At least he isn't suffering anymore.

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16 hours ago, AluminumHaste said:

How in the hell did I miss this thread?!?!?!

Same here. I've only visited the forums fleetingly of late, but I'm sorry I missed this bit of sad news.

Grayman's missions, specifically the early William Steele missions were so amazing to me when I first played them, that it inspired me to try my hand at mapping. Without that experience my own catalogue of missions might never have existed either, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Additionally, I echo the sentiment that he was always a kind and helpful fellow, truly a great asset to the Dark Mod community.

R.I.P. Grayman, you absolute legend!

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I am mostly a ttlg guy and sadly a bit distant to the Dark Mod forums here, but i have played a lot of The Dark Mod FMs, grayman's FMs gave me antecipation as i knew they would be awesome even before i booted them up (i loved his initial William Steele missions and got me hooked).

Hearing of his passing is such a sad thing, but his memory will live on forever to all of us here due to his Dark Mod legacy.

My condolences to @grayson and family. 

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Taff it all. Not what one expects to hear when returning from a semi hiatus 😭

He was undoubtedly a pillar of this community and consistently set the standard. His art gives me goosebumps when I played WS, and he raised the bar with each installment. Please find solace in the fact no one around here will forget him anytime soon, his work and his legacy will live on.

Watching Jack Farmer’s tribute brought a tear to my eye and typing this even now I get choked up. Living in Apex a mere stones’ throw from Raleigh (20 min drive, I go there on business at least once a week) I always hoped to grab a cup of joe or a pint and sit down and pick his brain about TDM. I never got around to even broaching the subject as this past year had been so crazy and I’m still a newbie here.

TDM owes a lot to that man, thank you for stopping by @grayson he will be missed. Much love to you and your family.

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i didn't know grayman personally, i think he was a good and helpful person. he made my life sweeter with his William Steele series which I will never forget. I hope someone finishes their William Steele series as a souvenir Rest in peace grayman


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