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Particles invisible against skyportal/caulk when using fog


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I want to cover my whole mission in a light fog but as the topic states, I've got problems with particles, especially flames from torches and chimney smoke when these appear in front of skyportals (caulked face with a portal_sky texture in the same leaf). The particle doesn't render in these places. (Left picture below)


I'm using a foglight that covers the whole mission and it have the following properties/spawnargs

_color             0.06 0.06 0.06

shaderParm3     2000

textures      fogs/delta1_fog


Everything is nice and it has got the effect that I'm after, but I cannot see the flames/other particles as I want. It's like the fog gets so thick outside the map that it nulls out the skyportal and messes up the particles in front of it...

I have tried to start the shaderParm3 on extremely high numbers and then slowly lowered it, but as I go so far that the fog is visible in the mission, the sky parts are greyed out and the flames disappear when the torch moves in front of the sky...The skybox is outside the fog light btw.

As a sidenote, if I use the spawnarg "start_off 1" on the light, the skyportal doesn't work (the sky parts are just plain black). I have to remove the light entity altogether to be able to see the skybox, and a clear sky...but I want fog, dammit!


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I stumbled upon the solution to this as I randomly browsed the wiki. (Should have looked more careful from the start)

One should add the spawnarg

"noFogBoundary" 1

on the foglight. That way the fog doesn't get "painted" over the sky; instead it's clear and only the buildings and structures are fogged and therefore all emitters like fire and chimneysmoke are rendered as the should.

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