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Hi, good taffers. I'm new player. I never played Thief series. I looking for maps for newb like me. Easy map, not hard quests, patrol men without lamp, no many light, etc.

Good maps for nabs, which I finished and I recomend for new players:

1. Mission 1: A new job
2. Thief's Den 1
3. Thief's Den 2: Chalice of Kings (Thief's Den 3: Heart of Lone Salvation is yet hard for me )
4. Coercion

Any suggestion, pro players?

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Some shortish, not-too-difficult missions I recommend are:


1. The Parcel, by Xonze. Standard mansion heist with a few cleverly hidden secrets. The guard patrols are fair, but not trivial to solve.

2. In Danger of Judgment, by krrg. Possibly the easiest Dark Mod mission I've ever played in terms of guards (there are very few) but this intricate little mansion has a lot of devious hiding spots and concealed loot.

3. The Outpost, by angua and greebo. A little bit harder but still fair.

4. Closemouthed Shadows, by LordSavage and Bikerdude. One of the very first Dark Mod missions ever made, it is very short but still enjoyable.

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Awaiting the Storm is also very easy, only one guard outside and few in the Tabern.

The Creeps, only 1 Ghost at the end, but a lot of scaling, good for training

In a Time of Need Few Guard which can be easy avoid (or blackjacket), little tricky to find the loot.

Mother Rose One guard and one friendly ghost (no will atack you, but don't get too close, why the aura will kill you)

The Builder Blocks 🤣

But not all small misions are easy

Spring Cleaning is a good example, short but deadly, only try it, if you are good with lockpicks and stealth skill. Some skeleton, a big spider and without more than the lockpicks, no tools or weapons.

Another small but very tricky mision is the Bakery Job, a lot of people surrounding there.

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Tears of St Lucia — no helmeted or lamp-carrying guards as far as I recall, easy to blackjack most of them. Working out how to safely get into the church can be something of a puzzle though, which you may or may not enjoy.

In the North (William Steele 1) — well-designed mansion interior, I don't remember any helmets or lamps, although there are quite a lot of guards in total.

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Off the top of my head, and besides the ones mentioned before, I'd recommend Mission of Mercy.

There are many guards in it, and might be a bit harder than the ones mentioned by Zerg Rush, but it's still a straightforward mission with lots of dark spots to hide, and if you like blackjacking, the guards are easy to neutralize. I'd say it's as hard as Chalice of Kings.

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