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Just Wondering if there is anybody out there who would be keen on designing a huge mansion mission.

like the size of the Downton Abbey mansion with dungeon, sewers, family crypt, secret hammer lost tombs under it all,

with no camera tech etc.

Been looking all over and found some thief 2 FM's but still not large enough.


anyone out there....






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Did you try Blackgrove Manor:


A House of Locked Secrets



Knighton Manor




In the Black



Go to the missions wiki and sort the missions by type to find Manor missions.


Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Some ideas could include a smoking room with a pool table and a record player along with a bar and drink display. A trophy room filled with trophies of animals real and fantastic like deer and belchers, a wine cellar with a reference to the casque of amontillado with a skeleton behind a bricked up wall, a bathroom with a fine in-floor marble bath, multiple fireplaces, a library filled with readable books on foreign lands and interesting lore and exotic creatures, a couple guest bedrooms, a main bedroom with opulent bedding, a grand entry hall, long hallways with shadows to hide in, stuff like that.

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Hell, depending on whichever of the various factions the rich person who owns the mansion may or may not have ties to, he could have anything from a magical artifact room from links to the Mages, a room of clockwork devices from the Inventors, a room full of illegal substances from smugglers among Thieves, or a secret door in the cellar that leads to a catacomb where they dabble in Necromancy.

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