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Footstep sounds and lock picking


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7 minutes ago, wesp5 said:

Coming back to the issue in the tutorial mission where you can unlock both the base and the lid of a chest, until somebody makes a remaster of this, is there an entity editor for TDM to fix this quickly without the need to recompile the whole map?

Entities can be changed with no need to recompile the map. DR is quite a good entity editor.

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18 hours ago, wesp5 said:

So maybe somebody with experience in DR could take a quick look at that chest and fix it?


So basically to fix this:


OldChestBody (the bottom part of the chest, Entity 750) has specified the frob_peer and target to OldChestLid .

The lid (entity 748) has name OldChestLid2 and has set frob_peer and frob_master to OldChestBody2


So to fix it you can for example just change the name of OldChestLid2 to OldChestLid and the frob_peer and frob_master to OldChestBody .

I wonder why the chest has nodraw panels to the side..

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