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Mouse not working in TDM

High John

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Overnight my mouse has stopped working - ie moving my viewpoint - when I'm inside a TDM mission.  It previously worked fine in my current mission.  I tried running a different mission, but same problem.  The mouse works fine when I'm in the Main Menu, but not in the game itself.

I'm running TDM 2.09, and I just ran 'tdm_update' just in case.

Any advice please?  That would be much appreciated.

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40 minutes ago, stgatilov said:

I'd say removing darkmod.cfg is also worth trying.

Renaming it is probably better. You keep a backup in case something goes wrong, and if it works you have the old version to compare the new one too, to help diagnose what went wrong in the first place.

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I first deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', but that didn't work.

I then deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', (which had reappeared) and 'Drakmod.cfg', and that solved the problem.

All good now - thanks for taking the time to respond.

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