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Regarding keybind combinations


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Hi, fellow taffers !
So basically, in the Thief games I use a lot of key combinations with the "alt" key, the ones I use the most, for obvious reasons, are alt+mousewheel = next/prev weapon (and I use the mousewheel alone for the inventory). What frustrates me is that I can't do that in TDM, or at least I have found no way to do it, and no clue searching in the forum.
I never really bothered to ask before because it's not that big of a deal, but it has been my only gripe with this game since the first time I played it...like six or seven years I don't even remember xD
TDM has much more controls than Thief, so key combinations could really be a plus, that and I just enjoy having similar controls between similar games.
But recently I tried to resolve this issue by using autohotkey...and it didn't work at all. So now I just really want to know if there is any way I could use key combinations in TDM, either through the DarkmodKeybinds.cfg, or something else, or if I'll just have to forget about it.

One other thing : since 2.09 TDM also doesn't recognize my mousewheel for anything other than scrolling through the menu or turning pages in readables. 
I did try to resolve this by deleting the Darkmod.cg & DarkmodKeybind.cfg, didn't work.
For some odd reason, if I use autohotkey or anything that can assign a key to my mousewheel, TDM manages to get that I am both using the mousewheel (so I can still turn pages and scroll in the menu) and the assigned key, thank to that though I never felt the need to address this issue.

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On 10/17/2021 at 6:01 PM, AluminumHaste said:

What's your OS and mouse?

I am on windows 10, my mouse is some weird cheap gaming mouse from a brand called Utechsmart with a loooot of buttons 😛   I have no way to tell if the mousewheel issue is tied to the mouse itself, I don't have any other mouse to check that, and before 2.09 I had no problem using it, and I never had any similar issues with any other games, so maybe it's not the mouse, I really have no idea ! But since I can just use autohotkey or X-Mouse Button Control to kinda fix that it's not really much of a problem to me, I just pointed that out in case there was some kind of easy fix I never thought of.


On 10/17/2021 at 6:30 PM, cabalistic said:

There's no support for keybinds with modifiers, and it would be rather painful to implement.

oh no... that's too bad... well..I understand, in fact I expected this answer. But thanks, at least now I am sure, won't prevent me from enjoying TDM.
Yet it sucks that autohotkey can't even help me bypass this, the most frustrating thing is that key combinations with autohotkey do in fact work in TDM...but not well and not without issues: some keys won't work if not pressed with another, anything combined with the mousewheel will only make my character crouch, and anything with the shift key does nothing at all. 

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