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The Black Mage (Grayman, JackFarmer & Friends), December, 24th, 2021


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Oh this is awesome!! Congrats on the release! And thank you to yourself, Grayman and everyone who helped to put this together!

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  • JackFarmer changed the title to The Black Mage (Grayman, JackFarmer & Friends), December, 24th, 2021

@New Horizon

Since I have integrated your voice lines into the mission, no day goes by I do not recite at least one or two paragraphs from your manic speech in the crypt! 😀

Dedicated Builders, boozed working class heroes or megalomoniac aristocrats - New Horizon can do it all!

Once again, a big thank you to you and all the other great voice talents who contributed to this mission and also my previous missions!

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Okay, that was awesome.  I loved the weird obsession with food - was that part of the original plan, or an addition of your own?

The conversations were particularly good as well, and I particularly like it when a mission has a closing scene.

The only thing I struggled with a bit was the volume level of some of the voices.  That's something I see a lot so it might be the way I have my sound system setup.  I had to restart the mission and crank up the volume to hear what the guys were saying in the opening scene.

All in all, it was fantastic and you've done a brilliant job bringing this to completion.

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11 hours ago, tapewolf said:

Okay, that was awesome.  I loved the weird obsession with food - was that part of the original plan, or an addition of your own?

Thank you, it was my addition:



Having designed the chef's character, I needed a reason why he was locked up in the first place. So I got the idea that he was imprisoned for a failed attempt at cooking, although his whole cuisine is already difficult to digest. So there I put references to food in all conversations and books.



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I am VERY pleased to say that once I cranked back the SF and Ambient Volume, all the voice acting showed up.  (I didn't even know what those settings DID until now.)  If you find the environment walking all over the story, do the same.)  Merry Christmas!

Stop in at www.everybodyandme.com for all the latest demos and commercials!

Keep listening!

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Rest in peace Grayman, and thank you for this mission!


I just finished the mission and had a great time. Kicked off with an excellent briefing video, ambient, readables, voice acting, story and of course the level itself was really well made with lots of attention to detail. I loved all of the twists and turns throughout the mission, I had a lot of fun!


And also thank you to JackFarmer and everyone else on the team who helped to get this mission over the finish line, I am sure Grayman would be very proud with the end result!



Also that ending scene was very touching! Beautiful work guys!


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38 minutes ago, kin said:

Great release JackFarmer thank you for this, we will never forget Grayman.


  Reveal hidden contents

I am having trouble finding the key that opens the kitchen door





asking the cook

EDIT: Note that there's a lock on the wall, not the trapdoor itself


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Awesome. Congrats on the release. :D

I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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4 hours ago, duzenko said:

Can we have some walkthrough spoilers in the first post, like where to get lock codes, etc.



1) Get the prison key from the guy who is talking with Percy, unlock trapdoor, get the food for the cook, he'll tell you the code 528

2) Get all poem books, read the numbers in it, match the numbers with the Poem's name and the artwork in the room you unlock with mysterious key








black_mage_b78d37dbe05a474c_204 (2).jpg





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