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Beta Testers Wanted: Iris


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I've been too busy mapping so I could knock out two birds with one stone here, get back to general 2.10 testing and help you out with the FM beta test. Count me in, I'm below the "minimum spec" so if I can help any with general performance improvements I'll be glad to.

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My FMs: The King of Diamonds (2016) | Visit my Mapbook thread sometimes! | Read my tutorial on Image-Based Lighting Workflows for TDM!



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3 hours ago, jaxa said:

I'm willing, but I think I need to figure out how to update to the beta first.

pretty easy process

1. download tdm_installer ( not tdm_update  ) and extract the exe to your darkmod folder

2. start tdm_installer and choose "special version" then scroll down and find the latest beta build ( 2.10 b4 )

3. start the upgrade then restore your darkmod.cfg


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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I'll be happy to test after 5 weeks of internet & PC Ciesta & then 1 week of Fiesta

Going home to Florida next week after getting my booster this last wednesday. Finally after 2.5 years :) Get'n out of this cold...brrr

Got a new Nvidia Graphics card with me too :) 

Got the 2.09 update...

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Yeah ok. It was just easier with the updater before. So will this update on its own as well when I click that link?

I really should remove all the old 2.09 saves anyway. Mom will get so much more space back on her desktop ;) 

I'm all for the beta versions.  Never tried the game itself & a beta FM together though, What can go wrong?

But why not. I'll go remove all those files since July 2019 for now :)

What time zone are you in?

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