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Thoughts on... The Inventors Guild


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Often discussed...never seen. The 'elusive' INVENTORS GUILD. Is it really a Guild? Or a Federation? Some Corporation or Conglomerate just named 'The Guild'? Or there Guild chapters everywhere? Is it like a Franchise? or there competing Not-Inventors "Guilds"? Surely they have competitors...

What are their members like; what kinds of uniforms do they wear - are their guards specially trained? Things any taffer should know before, any plans are made.

My ideas; The Guild 'members' comprise 3 tiers (non-guards):

  • Factory Workers, Clerks, Managers / Administrators, Labourers
    • [Just like regular people, mabey a specific uniform/coverall with guild logo & colors]
  • Journeymen (Apprentice Engineers, Intermediate Crafters, Jr. Draftsmen) & Technicians
    • [Always in Guild issued uniforms/coveralls; they often carry the tools of their trade on heavy belts...never a good idea to bother them while working unless you want a face-to-wrench meeting]
  • Craftmasters, Engineers (not the steam train kind!), Guild Elite (Executive level Admins)
    • [The people who keep the guild on top...by any means available. You'll know when you seem them - special badges & ranking-member rings ~ of gold(!)]

The Guild, (mabey) holding a virtual-monopoly on "high"-technology needs to keep out nosy visitors & industrial spies; So it has its OWN Internal Security force, perhaps named; 

  • Guild Sentries
    • [Call 'em a bobby, ex-copper, flatfoot, or hired-muscle; these are often former-city watchmen in Guild uniform with GUILD ARMs like the WHISTLE! and clubs!!]
      • The Whistle: One of the most commonly feared of Guild devices; its simplicity and effectiveness are unmatched - when a guard has been alerted they blow on the Whistle device: it emits an EAR-PEAIRCING squeal, heard for many blocks...sending their allies and everyone running, ruining many a taffers day/night/life...
  • Guild Sentinels
    • [ The better ranks of Guild Enforcement; their spiffy uniforms arn't just for show... they have special tools as well]
      • Shock-Rod: Described as a Iron-Rod a arms length with bronze pins sticking out the ends and a thick wooden handle with rubber pomel & hand-guard, when jabbed into a hard-surface; the metal pins at the end deliver a high-voltage shock...with stunning results that have shocked and enlighten-ing'd many a grounded-man...
  • Guild Guardians
    • [ The Elitest of Guild forces; some say they have augmented hearing helms & special eye-wear gadgets; a steam-punk James Bond]
      • Repeating Crossbows: The rapidity of fire from the fastest bowman, combined with the armour penetration of heavy steel bolts...not a good look for a taffer to end up skewered like roast swine
  • Exterminators
    • ['guards' Kinda; especially equipped with rubber gas-masks, suits & fumigator devices and arn't afraid of stinkin' up the joint with noxious gasses meant to eradicate spiders, rats, burricks, taffers, and adventuresome burglars...naturally they are immune to GAS arrows with that gear]
      • Fumigator & Gas-Mask: Think Gas Arrow but at point blank range but delivered with a pump-sprayer, comes with complimentary Gas-Mask (so the user isn't affected by their own fumes...)


But that is just the Human inhabitants of the Guild; Their Machines - play a major role too...


  • Electrified Locks:  In a word: EVIL. The worst a normal taffer ever expects from a lock is for it to jam or break the pick itself. Not with these diabolical mechanisms - no the average burglar gets a NASTY mabey even _fatal_ electric shock when using standard metal lockpicks on this guild-speciality... mabey Insulated Picks exist?
  • Beam Sensors: Often missed - by unwary everyday thieves; A almost invisible beam of light emits from a projector into a sensor module mounted a few paces away (on walls) - ANY solid object breaking the 'beam' activates this triggered alarm/trap/re-locker/gate, or siren...mabey a carefully positioned mirror could help?
  • Intercom: Yet another special Guild Invention - it seems so innocuous - until your blackjacking campaign has been noticed by the complete lack of guards 'checking-in' a floor, which causes more patrols to be sent by central... Also; an alerted guard can scream into the voice pickup for help - unhelpful!
  • Alarm Stations: sure you think you've seen these before in Upscale Mansions...not like this one! It has an integrated Alarm Klaxon, Alert Zone indicator & BIG RED BUTTON™ now the guards know where you were last seen!
  • Metal Detectors: the Coup-de-grace for an armed thief; any metal swords, broadhead arrows, or lock-picks even could trip this infernal machines sensors - usually connected to something loud and obnoxious! What am I supposed to use Harsh Language?!?


Last but not least...the Guild has working Automatons - but not much is known outside their halls; perhaps with good reason, mabey their contraptions have some high maintenance costs or serious flaws, one can hope?


A Taffers Tool'd up, toolkit:

  • Soot (Smoke) bomb: just like cleaning out 200 chimmneys at once - not only is everyone with eyes blinded by the soot & a lungfull of instant smog- it even affects some sensitive equipment as well, or how well do camera lenses work after being coated in black crud? A: They don't.
  • Periscope: you'd like to see the Future coming, or mabey just around corners... or over knee high obstacles without giving away your hiding spot.
  • Rubber Boots: Ugly footwear - that both softens steps & offers "Electrical Insulation up to 3KV!" - says a guild label
  • Grappling Hook: Where the rope arrow can't work: over Stone & hard ledges, Pipes, tops of Brick walls - too bad its SOOO noisy when used.


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Interesting you should mention the Inventors' Guild. I recently started work on a new map that will feature them heavily. I envision their facility to be sort of a cross between a university campus, a tinkerer's workshop, and the HQ of an 18th century Learned Society. I'm thinking there will be a moderately sized lecture theater, more than a few laboritories, and a really nice library.

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                                                                                                  A House Call


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