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Since due to the nature of this forum, file/image sharing is used quite frequently, I thought to present some alternatives to the widely used Gdrive, which I don't like so much, especially since the last TOS change.

File Sharing
To share large files there are several options that also do not require registration.
The first is File Hosting Online, which supports files up to 25 Gb, encrypted and also includes a Virus Scan that ensures safe use


Another good option is Gofile, free to use, privacy focused and unlimited Bandwith. No refistry needed. While the files are accesed or downloaded at least one time a week, they are never deleted, otherwise inactive files are deleted after 10 days.


If you prefer to use P2P, that means to share files directly from PC to other, without a hoster in the middle, there are also very good options, which permits to share files and folders without limites of type and size.

The most easy to use is O&O File Direct, a small Desktop app (sadly only Windows), very easy to use

1 Open the app and drag the files/folders you like to share in its window

2 Optional adjust the days and amount of permited downloads and if you want a password

3 Share the link which apears in the app


The only limits are, that the receptor only can download your files, when your PC is online, on the other hand this permits that you can stop the download in any moment, going offline or shutting down the PC. The other limit is, that the files to share can't be in a protected folder.

Her are an Example with a list of Search Enines (Html file 423,56 Kb). While I am online, you can download it





One of the best options is Streamable (need a free account, inactive videos are deleted after 90 days in the free version)


Alternatively you can use Streamja, a simple Video sharer with good privacy, free account optional (nick, mail)




Ok, there are a lot of Image sharer, most used the known Imgur, because of this I add only one which offers some advantages over Imgur. ImgBox (free account) is a reliable platform to share and host images like Imgur, but it make it very easy to upload and post dozend of images simultaneous, selecting all the images you want and drag them on the window, offering coresponding bulk codes from the selected images to post them with one click for forums (BBcode), Html and others, fullsize or thumbnails. More since Imgur used since some time the hated webm formats for gif images, hardly accepted in most forums. 



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Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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  • Zerg Rush changed the title to File sharing

Nice one, but only 1 Gb free. Anyway a good mail service and to host some files.

There are also 2 good OpenSource alternatives with similar features, the Swiss kDrive, with 15b free account and the German Filen, with 10Gb, both encrypted services.

There are some more, but only self hosted (if you have an own server space or  an old PC used as such)

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Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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Another good platform to store and share files of any type, Teknik (OpenSource). To simply share a file (up to 1Gb/file) no accuont needed, but file is stored only 1 day, with a free account no time limit, but only 5Gb storing. Cheap storing plans up to 100Gb, also include mail service. All strong encrypted.


Another good one to store videos and any other content (streaming, pictures, , music.....) is Speecher (FOSS


Speecher is a new generation social network where you are able to create your channels and broadcast anything you want! Music, podcasts, art, pictures, videos, movies and much more... You are not a product in Speecher and free speech is a real thing there. Speecher works on a web3 idea (Blockchain). Your content and channel is your "digital space". Your Speecher-ID is proving that your content is within your full control. You are generating and holding social platform.

I think that this one can be a good platform for sharing TDM vids and screenshots

Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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On 1/13/2024 at 6:27 AM, SwiftSend said:

We would like to recommend a new and modern site for transferring files. https://swiftsend.io
Main advantages: 5000 GB transfer storage, files available for 365 days, password protection

Hmm... 🤔

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  • creates actual image urls to the file (a lot of image sharing sites share links to pages, but not to the actual file)
  • optional: resize on upload
  • optional: specify if you want them removed after a specific time.

When you copy the url-list in a post and then after press enter, they get included as images into the post automatically.




Copy paste it in the post like this:


Then put your cursor after the last image url and press Enter. All images are placed in the post as images.


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