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Mr Axel plays the massive DM reference,  Volta 2:


@kingsal: That's how I play the games as well, cautious to the max...and because I want to see as much as possible from the cool looking world! :)


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I'd second Mr Axels playthroughs. I love the commentary and the chillaxed atmosphere. I don't like "In your face" youtubers so this is spot on. Don't get me wrong, they can be annoying as hell and hard to watch. I especially hate the way he scrolls through the inventory but this has been said before. I also didn't like when he started knocking out guards but that is what it is. It's part of the game and that's the way he plays it but personally I find that if you have a really over cautious playing style it fits better to ghosting missions.

One thing I was kind of disappointed about was the puzzles in The Hidden Hands Vitalic Fever. I was stumped for a good while on at least one bit and I was curious how he would manage it in a video. If he got stuck would he make a cut in the video and come back to it when he solved the puzzle or show the fumbling about? Well he didn't have any trouble whatsoever and I found that very hard to believe. For reference, he doesn't state anywhere that it is a BLIND playthrough but it's the feeling I got when I watched it. I was actually looking forward to seeing him suffer:)

Saying all that, I still watch it now and then. I am trying to cut down on my youtube consumption. To me it is better to play the games than watch someone else play them. Then sometimes it is just nice to sit and relax with a TDM video on.

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