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Which panel tech is your monitor using?


Which panel technology is your monitor using?  

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  1. 1. Which panel technology is your monitor using?

    • IPS
    • VA
    • TN
    • OLED

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just thought that I'd start a poll about this, as I think it is a very important topic for games with a lot of dark screen content, like TDM.

I've used a TN panel for years, due to the issues the other panel techs have, IPS has IPS Glow and Backlight Bleeding, VA has issues with the reaction time of the pixels with dark screen content. Which is both bad for "dark" games. Unfortunately, my TN panel just broke, so I ordered a new one. I will try IPS another time, with a monitor which is supposed to have better contrast ration than most IPS panels (it's the AOC 24G2U).

What panel tech are you using, and, are you happy playing TDM with it?

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14 minutes ago, chakkman said:

so I ordered a new one.

You should have checked some reviews. There are very in depth reviews which test those issues, so it's not so difficult to get a good working va or ips screen.

I'm using an iiyama amva monitor and aside an Eizo s-pva monitor. I expected an improvement in contrast from the iiyama over the Eizo, be CD ause it's a newer model. But I can't see it. So I sometimes wonder if I should have bought an Eizo ips screen instead

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I read some reviews. I specifically ordered the AOC for the good contrast ratio (for an IPS display), which is, obviously, good for dark games.

It's still a gamble though. You never know how much IPS Glow/Backlight Bleeding an IPS display will have. It differs from unit to unit. And, it's also a gamble how it compares to my former TN panel. If I can't stand IPS Glow/Backlight Bleeding, I will send it back, as it's a real issue with dark games.

VA is by far the best for dark screen content, but, the issue there is the bad pixel reaction time on most VA's, which leads to smearing/ghosting with dark screen content. Already had a Samsung VA, which was horrible in that regard, even in not so dark games like Fallout.

The best compromise always has been TN panels for me, but, obviously, those have worse colours than both other techs.

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Do you notice any smearing with dark screen content, for example in TDM, or Fallout 4 at night? And, what about fast mouse movement? Do you notice the blur?

Those are two things I always noticed with VA panels. Apparently, there are some more expensive ones, like the Samsung Odyssey G7's, which are better in terms of response time, but, it's a general issue with VA's. Also, I don't like that most of them are curved. Regarding the contrast ratio, VA's are the absolute best for dark screen content, but, the big issue is the response time, especially with dark screen content.

Also, when you use overdrive, I think it causes inverse ghosting. At least that's what I've always read in reviews. I also see that on my TV. which has a VA panel, and obviously has some built in overdrive setting. It appears like aura around some objects on the screen, when there's contrast to the background.

See here:


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The blue phosphor on the latest OLED is still susceptible to burn-in and can prematurely degrade if driven too hard with high nit output. The new "Quantum Dot" ( QD-OLED ) tech eliminates most of the risk of premature degradation since you can output a dimmer blue color and amplify the results with QD. Testers have yet to see any significant burn-in on the latest tech and the monitors that use it have long-term warranties that cover degradation now. The current panels that use this tech have a strange triangular sub-pixel pattern that can produce color fringing on very small fonts. ( Might be curable via updates to clear-text smoothing patterns. )

Supposedly, they have finally cured the blue OLED chemistry the same way they did with Red and Green so the best possible OLED tech will start to come out next year.

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Yup I have a Samsung 27in TN panel LCD and don't have any issues with it doing TDM, any gaming or show watching. I dual pair my desktop with a second much newer 27in Dell LCD with IPS panel, but the Samsung has better contrasts/blacks and sharper, deep colors, more vivid, at least comparing images and desktop icons. We also have an AOC LCD (TN panel) in use for TDM and that's a good one also for gaming. I've seen OLEDs in the stores and they really do pop bigger colors, but the price points don't make it convincing enough to replace every LCD/LED in the house, yet. Maybe when 4K/8K becomes mainstream and ubiquitous.


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I stick to IPS's because my wife's work is in Photoshop (even though her employer put shitty cheap TN's in their office)

And because my last TN was god-awful to the point of traumatizing

For that latter reason I have prejudice against everything Acer, too

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TN panels have gotten a lot better though.

I won't say that it was the best monitor, and it was quite a cheap one, but, my BenQ GL2580HM (which unfortunately broke now...) was pretty good for a TN monitor. I'm sure there are more expensive TN panels which are very good in colours. There's often not much between those and IPS monitor in reviews, if they're calibrated properly.

Can't do much about the contrast though. Although I must say that that never really posed a problem for me when playing TDM, for example. 

I ordered an IPS which will hopefully arrive tomorrow, and, I'll have a look how it is in dark games. Hopefully I get lucky, and don't have much IPS Glow and Backlight Bleeding...

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I am happy with the cheap 32" 16:9 2160p60 VA (Samsung LU32J590UQRXEN), that i got last year.

It has pretty good blackness for a non-OLED. I normally play TDM at 5% brightness and work at 10% to 20% (depends on weather).
Colors look consistently good over the entire screen when sitting 30 cm away from the matte screen.

There definitely is ghosting though - so not a good monitor for fast-paced shooters.

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I got my new monitor yesterday, the AOC 24G2U. I can definitely recommend that monitor for TDM, or darker games in general. It has a bit of IPS Glow (like all IPS panels), but, it's acceptable. 

If you consider that monitor, make sure that you got the older panel type. See this video:

And here's another nice video showing the differences of IPS and VA panel tech:


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We should add OLED - It's more available now, and not just at the high end. I have two, a pretty cheap (sub-$300 on amazon) 15" portable OLED monitor I use mostly as a second screen, and a 34" QD-OLED.

They both have perfect black levels and are great for games like this, but QD-OLED is literally the best display I've ever seen. The motion, bright and darks and color vibrancy are all just amazing. 

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Oh, for the high end ones that's definitely true. 

But on the low end I disagree; the one I use as a second monitor is $280 at the moment and I've seen it on sale for under $250.

It's small and definitely not a gaming centric monitor, but it still has all the benefits of an OLED and so far no hint of image retention.

And the price I paid for this new QD-OLED was the same, to the dollar, that I paid for a Predator X34 years ago when they were new. So while they are still pricey they're not out of line with other high-end monitors.

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Hm, too bad. I can no longer change the vote. Previously I chose IPS, because I use that as a work monitor. For gaming, I still have my LG OLED 55" TV. It's very easy to get used to it. Cons: In gray monochrome areas, I now see shading and faint ghosting. I have had the device since the end of 2017.

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