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Missing missions on servers?


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So while testing the recent frobaction changes for the Unofficial Patch, I installed TDM 2.10/64 fresh from ModDB onto a new computer. Then I downloaded all available missions and I was a little surprised that at least 22 missions were not available from the server the game selected! I could recognize this, because for the patch I fixed some of the mission names and when I applied them, I ended up with lots of empty folders. Some missing missions are very old and basic, like the "Sound alert trainer", others rather new and recent, like "Lucy's Quest". Sometimes in a campaign the earlier missions were available (William Steele 1-4) while newer ones were not (William Steele 5-7). How can this happen? Have some of the servers not the complete list of missions available? If so, how can I select another server? How does the game choose these servers anyway? Both systems are in the same city in the same country, one is behind a firewall while the other isn't.

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While trying to sort this out, I noticed once again, that the mission list on the web is sorted differently than the internal one, because "A" and "The" are seen as part of the name while they are ignored in the internal list. This is rather inconsistent, so is there an easy way to change that in the game or on the web?

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Okay, I think I figured it out. Between some unreleased and renamed and removed missions the main problem seems to be that there is a difference between the number of missions the "Download All" command downloads and the ones that are displayed at the same time, like you need to do some manual scrolling. Can somebody versed in UI development take a look if this is true? It might also be that I messed up loading the missions as I did not load all of them in one go ;). There is still the problem that after downloading, the mission names are displayed on top of "No new missions to download"...

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