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[resolved] Heap Corruption (0xc0000374) crash on vid_restart


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Hey folks,


I just started playing "No Honour Among Thieves" after doing the "A New Job" and "Tears of St. Lucia" and have found a crash bug of some sort. While I've since fiddled with my cvars, the issue first occurred with the settings I'd used without issue on the prior missions. I'm using the 2.10 release.


Initially starting the game and starting the mission (or loading a save) works fine, but should video have to be reloaded (ie after death, or issuing a "vid_restart") I get a crash to desktop, every time.


I was able to debug this down to heap corruption, but without PDBs I can go no further (I can't find or have no access to the "assets SVN" where these would be, based on the wiki). Please find attached various potentially relevant config files. I have a crash dump, and will try to edit a URL in to it after initially posting it (worried about anti-spam measures). Just in case, I've included windbg.txt output in the attachments showing what I can as-is.


I've already ruled out  r_useMultiDrawIndirect and r_useBindlessTextures (and so you'll see them on in the attached files, since they didn't seem to be at fault.

(I have modified alsoft.ini, to force headphone stereo mode.)

alsoft.ini autocommands.cfg autoexec.cfg Darkmod.cfg Darkmod.log qconsole.zip DxDiag.txt windbg.txt

Edited by draeath
adding version number
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OK, crash dump is uploaded and is available here (removed in edit, since the issue is known) . It's not small (compressed down to 554M) so please only grab it if you need it, to spare me the bandwidth.


I'll be resetting my settings and being less adventurous with things that aren't menu-accessible, meanwhile.


EDIT: ok, yep. the issue is no longer present after resetting my cvars. Here's a unified diff (- is the crashing config, + is the noncrashing config). Some differences are totally unrelated I'm sure, just me not being consistent when going through the menu options.


$ diff -u1 Darkmod.cfg.old.sorted Darkmod.cfg.sorted
--- Darkmod.cfg.old.sorted      2022-08-09 21:52:14.271051900 -0400
+++ Darkmod.cfg.sorted  2022-08-09 22:00:21.361448700 -0400
@@ -5,3 +5,3 @@
 seta com_maxFPS "240"
-seta com_numQuickSaves "2"
+seta com_numQuickSaves "4"
 seta com_preloadDemos "0"
@@ -89,3 +89,3 @@
 seta jobs_numThreads "16"
-seta logFile "2"
+seta logFile "1"
 seta mod_validSkins "skins/characters/player/marine_mp;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_green;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_blue;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_red;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_yellow"
@@ -216,4 +216,4 @@
 seta r_forceLoadImages "0"
-seta r_frameIndexMemory "8192"
-seta r_frameVertexMemory "8192"
+seta r_frameIndexMemory "4096"
+seta r_frameVertexMemory "4096"
 seta r_frobDepthOffset "0.0005"
@@ -253,5 +253,5 @@
 seta r_postprocess_sharpness "0.25"
-seta r_screenshot_format "jpg"
+seta r_screenshot_format "png"
 seta r_shadowMapCullFront "0"
-seta r_shadowMapSinglePass "2"
+seta r_shadowMapSinglePass "0"
 seta r_shadowMapSize "1024"
@@ -275,4 +275,4 @@
 seta r_tonemap "1"
-seta r_useAnonreclaimer "1"
-seta r_useBindlessTextures "1"
+seta r_useAnonreclaimer "0"
+seta r_useBindlessTextures "0"
 seta r_useFenceSync "1"
@@ -374,3 +374,3 @@
 seta tdm_default_relations_def "atdm:team_relations_default"
-seta tdm_door_auto_open_on_unlock "1"
+seta tdm_door_auto_open_on_unlock "0"
 seta tdm_door_control "0"
@@ -403,3 +403,3 @@
 seta tdm_force_savegame_load "0"
-seta tdm_frobhelper_active "0"
+seta tdm_frobhelper_active "1"
 seta tdm_frobhelper_alpha "1.0"
@@ -425,3 +425,3 @@
 seta tdm_lg_weak "0"
-seta tdm_lod_bias "2.0"
+seta tdm_lod_bias "3.0"
 seta tdm_lp_autopick_attempts "3"
@@ -431,3 +431,3 @@
 seta tdm_lp_pawlow "0"
-seta tdm_lp_pick_timeout "500"
+seta tdm_lp_pick_timeout "400"
 seta tdm_lp_randomize "1"

Autocommands now only contains r_finish.

Edited by draeath
removed dump link
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Yep, bindless textures is flakey on many drivers. The negatives outweigh the positives on that feature so it has been removed from the next release.

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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  • draeath changed the title to [resolved] Heap Corruption (0xc0000374) crash on vid_restart

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