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  • 2 weeks later...

Nintendo will shut this down faster than you can say "copyright terms have become too lengthy and are clearly unconstitutional".


On that note, Imagine if the people who are currently in charge of the Thief franchise had been open to the community, and free from-scratch mods like TDM being set in their universe. You know, like the way Sega allows free, fan-made Sonic games. The Thief franchise might not be stuck in a rut now. It certainly couldn't be worse than Thief 4!


At the same time, Sega themselves are even putting out new Sonic content. But the people in charge of most franchises, even abandoned ones like Thief, are like "No, you can't play with that, even though it has been in my closet for the past ten years and I myself will probably never use it again, because last time I took it for a spin, it went about as well as flying an RC model airplane without wings."

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      After watching the first three and a half episodes of "The Sandman" last night, I realize once again that overly imaginative narratives are not for me. Also, the main actor looks like he has a toothache.
      Which makes me wonder, is there a Dark Mod mission with a medieval dentist?
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