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Received this very nice email from OrbWeaver.


Hi Dark Mod team,


I have been working on some assets for the Doom 3 engine, particularly

some mansion textures and models (which I believe you were looking for

a while ago), some samples of which are below.







I would be willing to lend some time to the Dark Mod as a texture

artist, modeller and/or mapper (depending on current requirements - in

my view these disciplines are inextricably entwined anyway), if this

would be helpful. Alternatively, if you have a need for assets but my

samples are not consistent with your requirements, please let me know

what sorts of changes/improvements would need to be made and I will

see what I can do.


Of course, I shall not be offended if you are already at capacity and

have no further need for contributors in this area... :-)


- OrbWeaver

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The textures look a little low-res to me, but the chains look very good in that one screen. Any more model shots?

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Hi all, thanks for your replies and your feedback.


I agree that the textures could use more detail (I assume this is what you mean by "low-res" - they are all 512x512 or more). I will work on distressing them somewhat, and adding some more finer detail, dirt & noise etc..


I am currently working on:


- More ornamentation for the corridor scenes - some columns, ceiling trims etc.

- Adding detail to the wall lights, renderbumping and skinning them properly, they are relatively low-detail at the moment which is why they are only shown far away :)

- New models w/ skins - I want some kind of font/fountain for the alcove area in the mansion shot, some more efficient chains/ropes for indoor use (those chains are about 3k polys per segment), and some railings and bannisters for mansion scenes.


I will post updates to these as and when I get them done. I am not sure what sort of timescales this will involve; I don't want to do a rush job but neither do I want to "miss the boat", so to speak.

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Orb, I remember seeing you post that hardwood floor on D3W and it looked a helluva lot better than that. The one you're showing here looks like it's been blurred hardcore.

You are right, they do actually look pretty blurry in those screenshots. I am not sure if it is poor lighting, JPEG compression or the fact that I took them from the editor rather than the main game, so stuff like anisotropic filtering may not have been in effect.


I will go back and take them again from the main game at full resolution with high graphics options enabled, and see if they look any better.


EDIT: Racked up my graphics settings and tooks some more, which are a lot less blurred (I think it was image_anisotropy which was set to 1, should have been 8).





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I was wondering if it is possible to postpone my application. The standards of this mod are exceptionally high and I think it would be necessary to spend some time developing my skills to the point where I can make a meaningful contribution, rather than wasting people's time with "average" work.


Good luck with your mod, and I hope I will be able to join you at a later date. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some model shots as requested:





(The rope comes out slightly better in game, the screenshot is only 1024x768 with no AA so the "twisted rope" effect is reduced slightly).

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Those are quite neat, although the texture on the first is a little bland.

Fair point - I was originally intending to make it a lot rougher but I kind of liked the way it came out and stuck with it. It would be a five-minute job to change, though.

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A couple more models...



http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/446/chairhi5vo.jpg (High-poly rendering of chair model)


http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/9382/tablehi0pi.jpg(High-poly table model, vertex cols but no skin)



Apologies for somewhat low-res screenshots, I cannot get D3 to take them in anything other than 1024x768 without AA (even if graphics mode is higher).

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