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Error in installation


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Thanks for the screenshot, but that isnt the whole error. So we cant see which file the installer has problems with.

How about removing the files you get errors on and then use the installer. Or use the installer in an other folder, so it doesnt have to update files.

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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
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The error says that after it has downloaded the file, its contents are different from expected.

I have just tested clean installation of 2.10 with this mirror chosen (taaaki2).
I cannot reproduce the problem.

It means that the problem is most likely on your side.
It can be:

  • some rights/access problems in filesystem (try to create a different directory, make sure you can write to it yourself)
  • virus or antivirus breaking data (disable antivirus, or run independent virus scans)
  • hardware problems in disk or memory (run some good hard drive and RAM tests --- we already had one user who detected RAM issue after tdm_installer errors)
  • software problem, like broken OS files, drivers, filesystem, etc (run sfc scan, chkdsk, etc.)
  • your network broken either by bad adapter, cable, or by your internet provider
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If it is the file permissions, run Freyks unofficial installer and during the location selection, point it to folder you placed the installer. This will care of the file permissions and then runs the tdm installer almost automatically.

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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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17 hours ago, zaze said:

This is the 4th time I tried installing the game and it always gives me this error no matter the settings I pick in the installer. idk what to do anymore.

Do you install on Windows or Linux?

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9 hours ago, zaze said:

the manual downlaod from moddb seems to work

Yes, I guess the manual download does not report that downloaded files are different from the ones website distributes.

You can try to copy the TDM directory and run tdm_installer in it.
It will check you local copy and only download/repack what's different.
If it finishes successfully, then you can be sure you have the correct TDM 2.10 there (at least at that point).

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