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SCORN is coming 10/21/2022 ....


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Years long in development it now has a release date next month. Its' genre is steampunk / alien underworld horror with puzzles to solve, so albeit not a direct Thief competitor, you could get some Shalebridge Cradle vibes from it (and maybe some Half-Life and Inside flashbacks).

I'll be looking forward to it. If it gives me nightmare then it's worth it.





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I love the ambience and the art of the game, but i dont get the shalebridges vibes of it.

Because this is not a stealth game. and shalebridge is a combination of great ambience, stealth -> sound focus. But i would be nice that scorn get it too.

Gameplay video with some sound ambience:


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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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So, anyone played it yet?

I just read this in the Steam recensions: "Loving the art style but im just so confused dunno what to do the whole time"

Maybe it IS for me after all. ;) So far, all the gameplay videos looked rather boring, like a nice graphics demo, but, maybe there is something to do.

Edit: Well, I was terribly wrong about the game. It's really nice. Dunno what I saw in those gameplay videos.

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