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Zooming in with mouse scroll in freelook mode not possble


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I have this issue since 3.0, still present in 3.2 . When I am in free camera mode (right mouse button in Camera view), I can't zoom in and out with mouse wheel scroll, keyboard arrows do still work.

Somebody else (Nort) mentioned he/she couldn't reproduce the issue under Windows, so maybe it's just my (Linux) system and therefore I decided I don't add it to the bugtracker yet.

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I tried it with Linux mint xfce from usb stick. Same issue. Also by using a different mouse. So weird, but I guess it must be my pc then..

19 minutes ago, greebo said:

That's in a virtual machine, it is compiled against wxWidgets 3.2.0.

Is that the flatpak install? because that uses wxWitgets 3.05 (in the sandbox).

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Hello, I have the same problem on Ubuntu 20.04 with xwWidgets 3.0.4, in my case even the arrow keys aren't working, it seems that focus is kept on the window below when pressing keys, and zooming with mouse wheel only works while not in freelook.

EDIT: arrow keys are working only if the tab "Favourites" is left selected, maybe becouse there is nothing to select there and the window focus goes to freelook camera.

EDIT2: after tricking with tab favourites now keys are working even if other tabs are selected, but mouse wheel still doesn't. ctrl and shift for zooming and panning are working fine so we can live with that.

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With the latest Ubuntu package I see the same behaviour: mouse scroll works when not in freelook mode, but in freelook mode it does nothing (arrow keys still work).

To be honest I think it's been like that for ages but I never realised that the scroll wheel was supposed to work in freelook mode.

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@datiswoustry upgrading your flatpak to the new 3.3.0 release.  The 3.2.0 flatpak was indeed compiled against wx 3.0.5, but since a blocking bug got fixed the new one is using wx 3.2.1.

I've got both flatpaks installed, and for me the old one has the scrollwheel issue and the new one does not.

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