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Sophisticatedzombie's Application.

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Just received this application from Damon.


'm a professional software engineer, with 8 years of experience and a Computer Science degree.  More importantly, I've been coding since I learned commodore 64 assembly as a kid. (blah blah, I'm sure you've gotten 100 emails like that)  I've worked in digital communications technologies, avionics, robotics, distributed systems, and scientific data acquisition among other things.  I have a strong understanding of mechanics and mathematics (I was a physics major for a while in college.)  Most importantly, I'm a long time Thief fan.


I don't have any Doom 3 modding experience, but I have looked through the source code for various other engines.  I've worked with Wings, and Blender (3d modelling tools.)  I've written custom projects in DirectX, both 2D and 3D, so I have a very good understanding of 3D graphics systems.


As a side note, I also can write music, and I've got at least 8 hours of original music which I would be willing to donate for use in the project. Yes, 8 hours... I have too much free time.


D Hill


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Me. Basically mantling has a little bit to do with what I've been planning on rope climbing, so we will need to meet halfway with that.


Actually while T2 mantling sucked, T3 mantling worked great, even in wierd cases where you tried to climb a stair railing or other strange object. So LGS did get it right in the end. :)


Actually the only thing mantling connects with ropeclimbing is that if a mantle occours, rope climbing is canceled. So I could just tell you what function to call when you start mantling, to cancel my rope climbing.


Other than that, mantling is just effectively detecting if there is a solid in front of you, and if there is space above that within a certain distance. Since D3 handles all collision the same way (regardless if things are brushes or objects) mantling in this mod should be inherently more reliable than any other game.


I'm pretty sure the file you'll want to be modifying is physics_player.cpp. In there there are functions such as CheckLadder (which, strangely enough, checks for ladders in front of the player), and stuff like that.


You should start a new thread with your name on it in the programming \ journals board, and post questions and discussions about it there (before we mis-use this application thread).

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Mantling! Ah, even LGS couldn't get that right! Ok, I'll fly at it. Who should I get in touch with to discuss what has been done so far?

Mantling hasn't been started yet. You can also take some easier tasks until you are more familier with the SDK and everything. The inventory system would be a more straightforward task to do if you prefer that.


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