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Support for the Iranian Resistance


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Well as long as a person supports all women's rights everywhere to be equal to men's, including in supposedly enlightened western countries where women make less than men, are objectified based on looks alone, and are getting their choices lawfully stripped away by men, Iranian women fall under the same general umbrella: Oppression.

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Such societies have more fundamental problems than could be solved by some single individuals which are blown up as being a "resistance" in western countries. These fundamental problems will either sort themselves out, by those societies becoming more civilized, or it will worsen. There isn't much more to do than sit and watch, unfortunately.

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It's been 4 months. They still haven't given up. I still wish them the best, and hope the rest of the free nations of the world will continue to support the people of Iran and sanction the brutes in the IRGC.

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