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Python scripting: convert pitch,yaw,roll to rotation matrix?


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I'm trying to write a DarkRadiant python script with the purpose of orienting/angling a model between 2 arbitrary points (i.e. for a clothesline, or hanging pennant flags, etc).

The goal is:

  • The user selects 2 entities (target_null's).
  • The user runs the script. A window will pop up, and ideally display the rotation matrix between these 2 entities.

I can get the XYZ of these entities, and I can get the euler angle between them. The problem is: props want a rotation matrix, not euler angles -- I can't quite figure out how to get the rotation matrix, or how to convert the euler angle into a matrix. I'm not sure if I'm approaching this correctly -- has anyone had experience with this, or can point me in a direction?

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This is an irrelevant aside but...

That wiki article had one of the most enlightening things I've been wanting to know about for a long time in it an almost throwaway little aside in the 2nd paragraph of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler_angle s#properties ... which after a little following up through some of the linked wiki pages is (I think; it's nuanced math, so I'm never entirely sure) that the quantum spin of a particle is a feature of a 3D rotations in a 4D rotation space, which (again if I understand it) is very close to our Euclidian intuitions that contiguous bodies rotate together (in S^3 space), except the rotation space it actually fills up (RP^3) has these isolated 0D points that also "have rotation".

I'd been trying to figure out since forever what quantum spin really was because it's crazy at face value. But seeing it as just a natural & necessary property of rotation symmetry, which is all a particle is (Poincare symmetries), somehow makes me feel better about it. It isn't so unintuitive and arbitrary seeming now. I mean imagining how space really works is still odd, but it fits the math of everything else happening in a particle like a champ, and word on the street is that spatial relations are a property of symmetry relations & not the other way around anyway.

It's just funny that I'd find it in a thread following up on a game coding question of all things, after trying to understand it through so many other routes after countless direct searches and reading tutorials.

Okay, sorry for the aside. I felt moved to say something to someone about it.

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